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Will and Guy will be providing a selection of jokes and true stories about football in general and the World Cup in particular.

Starts June 9th 2006 with Germany -v- Costa Rica.

Ended on July 9th 2006 when Italy beat France.

1) Pitch for Opening Match at Stadion München

A Fifa spokesperson said that work on the pitch at Stadion MÜnchen was on schedule.  There will be a capacity of 66,016.

Funny World Cup 2006 pitch picture

2) Paraguay in Trouble

What's the difference between the Paraguayan football team and a tea bag?

A tea bag stays longer in the cup. 

(Paraguay has the greatest per capita consumption of tea in the world.)

3) Paraguay's Fixture Congestion

Paraguay complained to FIFA about their Group B schedule.  What they are whinging about is having to play their last group games against Trinidad and Tobago on the same day.

A FIFA official explained, Paraguay should realise that they are lucky because Trinidad is a lunch time game and Tobago is an evening kick off.  Whereas Sweden, also in Group B, are scheduled to play Trinidad and Tobago at the same time on adjacent pitches.


4) Team Tactics

It was half way through the qualify campaign and a the first choice team were doing really badly.

The coach decided to get the team together and go back to basics. Picking up a football, he said, 'Right, lads, what I have in my hands is called a football, and the object of the game is.................................'

' Hang on a minute, 'came a shout, 'you're going too fast.'

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