World Cup Football - 1974 Hosts West Germany

Will and Guy's World Cup - 1974 Winners West Germany (World Cup 10)

Final: West Germany 2 : 1 Holland

Strange but True

Scotland achieved the dubious record of being the only team, who remained unbeaten yet did not win the World Cup tournament.   The reason was that in Group 2, Yugoslavia, Brazil and Scotland each drew twice and won once giving all three 4 Points.  Scotland were eliminated on goal difference even though they had not lost a game.

Meanwhile, West Germany who won the tournament were beaten by East Germany at the group stage.

Classic Games

Holland 2 : 0 Brazil

Classic memory: The Zaire forward Ilunga charging out of the wall to kick away the ball  before the Brazilian attacker could take the free kick.

Average goals per game 2.5

Key Players

Johan Cruyff
Franz Beckenbauer
Gregorz LATO (Poland) 7


The Dutch team of 1974 join the Hungary team of 1954 in the list of unlucky World Cup losers.

Germany's success was at least partly due to the ultimate finisher, goal poacher Gerd Mueller.  Did he ever score outside the 6 yard box?  Did he ever miss inside the 6 yard box?

Gerd Mueller - World Cup Goal Scorer.

As the ball is clearly outside the box, Beckenbauer knows that Mueller won't score this time, Beckenbaur (white jersey behind Mueller) looks for his friends in the crowd.  Later Mueller scored the winning goal.

World Cup all time Leading Goal Scorers

14 Gerd Mueller, West Germany 1970, '74
13 Just Fontaine, France 1958
12 Pele, Brazil 1958, '62, '66, '70
12 Ronaldo, Brazil 1994, '98, 2002
11 Sandor Kocsis, Hungary 1954
11 Juergen Klinsmann, Germany 1990, '94, '98
10. Helmut Rahn, West Germany 1954, '58
10 Teofilo Cubillas, Peru 1970, '78
10 Gregorz Lato, Poland 1974, '78, '82
10 Gary Lineker, England 1986, '90
10 Gabriel Batistuta, Argentina 1994, '98, 2002

Note that Ronaldo is the only player of this generation who could overtake Mueller.  Sadly, I think Ronaldo's World Cup career is over.


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