World Cup Football - 1930 Hosts Uruguay

Will and Guy's World Cup - 1930 Winners Uruguay (World Cup 1)

Final: Uruguay 4 : 2 Argentina

Strange but True - THE original game of two halves.

Owing to a dispute about which type of ball to use, the ref decided to use the Argentinean ball for the first half.  Score at half time: Uruguay 1 : 2 Argentina

Then in the second half they switched to the Uruguayan ball, second half score Uruguay 3 : 0 Argentina.  Making the final score Uruguay 4 : 2 Argentina.

Jock Coll - ChloroformJock Coll - World Cup Football Strange but true

On the 26th July 1930, USA played Argentina in the World Cup semi-final.   Just after half time, Andy Auld of USA was injured and Jock Coll rushed on to assist the stricken player.

Unfortunately, in his hurry to treat the injury, Jock spilt a bottle of Chloroform and asphyxiated himself.  The stretcher party was called on, not take of the player but to remove the unconscious trainer.  Incidentally, Argentina went on to win 6 - 1.

Classic Game

Average goals per game 4.1

Key Players

Vittorio Pozzo (Italian Coach)


Only 13 teams took part and as it was the first ever World Cup everyone was feeling their way.  In 1930 Jules Rimet was merely the FIFA president, only later would he give his name to the trophy.

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