Football - Wurst Boots?

Will and Guy's Football - Wurst Boots?

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Wurst boots ever?

Wurst boots for World cup - English Sausage

Germans produce England sausages for World Cup

Germans are making sausages shaped like football boots to go on sale in time for the World Cup.

The sausages are packaged in the colours of the England flag.

Company Texda Textildarm Ltd which is producing the World Cup 'Wurst' has produced sausages for each country in the tournament and say they will soon begin exporting them abroad.

Manager Holger Schlange said: 'We are well prepared for the World Cup with our special sausage designs, and want all fans to be able to enjoy the event right down to their stomachs.'

Upside-down Boots

Upside down boots Eelko Moorer

Eelko Moorer's footwear can latch on to hand strap rails inside Tube trains, reports Sky News. Mr Moorer, from east London, got his girlfriend Alice Wolff to try the boots out.
The shoes are currently on display in Milan at an exhibition organised by the British Council and the Design Museum.

Better Than Nothing!

NEUSS, June 1: The Colombian football team, who have not qualified for the World Cup but play Germany in a friendly on Friday, had to cancel their training session Wednesday because they had no boots.

The South Americans arrived earlier in the day from Poland where they beat the Polish side - who line up in the same World Cup group as Germany - 2-1 on Tuesday. The players' boots somehow went walkabout between the two destinations. No word was given on when the Colombians will hold their first training session on German soil ahead of the friendly.


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