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Russian 'Pullman' Train

Russian Pullman - Funny train picture

Russian version of George Pullman's Palace Car train carriage.

Indian 'Pullmen' Train

Indian pullmen train

Actually, that looks like a genuine 1909 Rio Grande Pullman in the background.


More Funny Train Pictures

Indian Express Train - Only half full

Indian Express - Funny train pictures

Indian Commuter Train - Three-quarter full

Indian Train

Train Going the Wrong Way

Train Going Wrong Way

More Track Trouble

Patrick and Fergus were rather drunk one Sunday evening after a session in the pub and were stumbling home along the railway tracks which led to their homes.

Patrick turns to Fergus and slurs, 'There's a hell of a lot of steps here.'

Fergus looks up and replies, 'I'll tell you what's worse, Patrick, this hand rail is very low down.' 


Funny Train Picture - Graffiti

Train Art 

Here above is a picture showing the train's electric pickup and the fancy train graffiti underneath.

Something Different - Funny Train Picture of Fantasy Railway

Fantasy Electric Train - Paris to Beijing

Fantasy Electric Train - Paris to Beijing

Railway Parking

 Vera was in court charged with parking her car in a restricted area on the railway station forecourt.

The judge asked if she had anything to say in her defence.

Vera answered frostily, 'They shouldn't put up such misleading notices. It said "FINE FOR PARKING HERE".'

 Missing Link - Funny Train Station Pictures


Train Stairs to nowhere

Meanwhile, these people are the ultimate optimists if they think their train will stop here. 

Train balcony next to track

On closer inspection, it would be a major surprise if the train travels on this track at all.


Train in The Garage?Garage Doors - Truck Art

Amaze and Surprise Your Friends and Neighbours

Will and Guy would like show you how to get your neighbours to sit up and take notice.

We have discovered that a German firm called "Style Your Garage", creates posters for garage doors that make it look as if it's actually showing the interior of your garage, and what's in it - a train!

We think that the prices are reasonable [no we're not linked to the company] and they range from £199 to £399 [$301 - $ 604 USD] - for the double-door. All but guaranteed to make passersby and your neighbours take a second look.

Made for the up-and-over garage doors predominantly common in Europe, they can be fixed with Velcro and can be adapted to fit sectional garage doors.

Pictures of Australian Road Trains

Road train sign

We wondered, why the motorist above has pulled over.  This could be the reason, here come the road trains three abreast.


Australian Road Train

Beautiful Train Pictures

Scenic Train Pictures

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