Interesting Photography

Interesting PhotographyInteresting Photography

Here is a Will and Guy's collection of interesting photographs.  Our speciality is variety; we have trawled pictures from all over the world for images with a powerful message.

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Clever Photography - Leaning Tower of Pisa

Clever Photography

I wonder how long it took the photographer to compose this picture?   A good photo reflects the skill, art, and personality of the photographer


What Makes a Great Photograph?

In a nutshell, it's the contrast between foreground and background that stirs the emotions.  You see what we mean in the spirit of the photo below.

Picture of Lightning striking the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

Picture of lightning

Interesting Rainbow Picture

Rainbow pictures


Good Photography Preserves Memories

Evocative Sunrise


This evocative picture of sunrise at Bullinghope, near Hereford, England.  John told Will and Guy that to enable him to capture the sunrise he had to wait in the freezing cold field for the right moment.  See more sunrise pictures

Enormous Sunset - Photographed in the 'Magic Hour' Before Sundown.

Sunset in Utah

Interesting Snap-shot of a Mackerel Sky at Sunset

Picture of Sunset

Fascinating Fountains

Fountain at Night in Barcelona

The images in the fountains slide show are professionally composed, and reflect the patience of the photographer in waiting for the right conditions.


What Makes An Interesting Photograph?

Each photograph is a message. Here it conveys a statement, 'Here I am fishing'.

Pelican Fishing

Pelican Fishing

Not a Black Snail, But the Suez Canal from Space


Suez Canal


Please send us your examples of interesting photography.

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