Good Art and Photography

Good Art and Photography

A good photograph contains a message.  Its foreground and background combine to make a statement, and create an impression that lingers in the mind.Art and Photography

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Pavement Art - 'The Rescue'

Pavement Art

Wigan Willard Art: Titanic On Pin Point

Tiny Titanic

It seems impossible for a ship such as the Titanic to be perched on a pin point.  Initially, Guy thought the metal was a javelin point, or at least a dart.  But no, this an ordinary pin with an extraordinary creation by Wigan Willard.


Incredible Windmills in The Style of Salvador Dali

Incredible Dali Windmills

Salvador Dali was a master of surrealist, even bizarre pictures.

Glasswing Butterfly

Butterfly glasswing


A good photograph is work of art.  It captures the spirit of the subject and stirs up the emotions.

Good photography 


More Good Combinations of Art and Photography

Vegetable Art

Vegetable Art

With good art see how the parts interrelate with the whole.

Art with Food

Art with food


It's difficult to believe that this hose is made from cheese.  And those hills, what are they made from?  Will thinks they are bread. 

Can Art - 'Canistration'

Can Chair


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