Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games

Los Angeles 1984 Olympic Games - XXIII OlympiadSam Eagle Los Angles Olympics

There was only one city who bid for the 1984 games - Los Angeles.  All other countries were put off after the terrorist atrocities at Munich in 1972 and the budget deficit of Montreal 1976 (are the Canadian still paying for Olympiad XXI?).  In fact, this was the second time that Los Angeles had hosted an Olympiad, the first being back in 1932.

Sam Eagle Los Angles OlympicsWhen it comes to organizing the big event, you have to hand it to America in general, and Los Angeles in particular.  Without the state aid of other celebrations, they showed the rest of the world how to lay on an Olympic Games and make a profit.  In retrospect, those countries like Russia who boycotted these games wish that they had been there.

Will and Guy would love a jet pack like the one used in the opening ceremony.

Carl Lewis - Outstanding Athlete of LA 1984

On the track, this was Carl Lewis's games, he equalled the record of the legendary Jesse Owens by winning gold medals in the same 4 events, 100m, 200m, Long Jump and the sprint relay.  The great Ed Moses won the 400m hurdles.

America did not have things all their own way, the crowd's darling Mary Decker was accidentally tripped by Zola Budd in the 3000m.  Also Britain had success with Sebastian Coe in the 1500m.  Sir Steve Redgrave one the first of his 5 Olympic gold medals in the coxed four rowing.

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Should Team Games be Allowed at the Olympic Games?

No two Olympic Games have the same events, in 1984 tennis made a re-appearance (another event Will and Guy would ban, ditto synchronized swimming).  Much as Will and Guy love football (soccer) we think that team games such as basketball, baseball have no part in the Olympic Games, especially as they have their own World Cup or World Series.

Interesting Facts from Los Angeles 1984

Nawal El Moutawakel won the gold medal in the womens 400 m hurdles and thus became the first Arab woman Olympic gold medalist.

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