Learn to Play Bridge for Beginners

Learn Duplicate Bridge at the GBA (Gwent Bridge Academy)

Beginners' Bridge Classes at Newport

Your tutor, Mike Clarke, is following a structured program designed by the English Bridge Union.  The lessons are been designed to take you from a complete beginner to a level where you can play - and win - in regular duplicate club games.  The first of three terms of 10 weeks started in October 2017.

The Venue for Bridge Classes

  • GBA Clayton Street, Newport, Gwent.Bridge Lessons at the GBA Newport
  • Lessons start at 6:45 for 7:00pm.
  • Tutor: Mike Clarke.
  • Cost: £30 for each term of 10 weeks.

Action Enrolment:
The course is now full, but to be placed on the waiting list:

Please email Mike:

Beginning Bridge Teaching Schedule (30 Weeks)

Getting Started with Bridge Lesson 1-5

1 An introduction to MiniBridge and playing in no trumps

2 Playing with trumps

3 Declarer play

4 Basic defence

5 MiniBridge Simultaneous Pairs

An Introduction to Bidding Lessons 6-8

6 How the auction works, opening 1NT and balanced hand responses

7 Game Responses to a 1NT opening

8 Play lesson

Opening One of a Suit - Lessons 9-13

9 One level suit openings and limit raises

10 New suit responses – opener's weak rebids

11 Opener's rebid with a strong hand

12 Getting into no trumps

13 Play lesson

Declarer Play - Lessons 14- 16

14 Declarer play techniques

15 Declarer play in no trumps

16 Declarer play in a trump contract

Defence - Lessons 17 - 18

17 The opening Lead

18 Defenders play of the cards

The Competitive Auction - Lessons 19 - 21

19 Suit overcalls and responses

20 Simple takeout doubles

21 1NT overcall and responses

New Conventions - Lesson 22

22 Stayman

Opening 4-4-4-1 hands - Lesson 23

23 Opening 4-4-4-1 hands

Strong opening bids  - Lessons 24- 27

24 Opening 2NT and responses

25 Opening 2 , and responses

26 Opening 2 / 2 / 2 and responses

27 Slam bidding

Pre-emptive openings - Lessons 28-29

28 Opening at the 3 and 4 level and responses

29 Defending against a pre-emptive opening

30 Final week – Play session

To enroll for these Beginners Bridge Lessons:
Phone 01633 222224 or

Please email Mike to reserve your place:

The methods on this course are based on the Standard English Acol system – a coherent method designed to be easy to use and easy to remember. Standard English Acol is the recommended system for "Bridge for All"; the complete learn and play programme from the English Bridge Union. Bridge for All is the nationally approved method of learning the game - formally recognised by the Open College Network. It is fully documented in a range of books and supporting books, software and other materials.

Reasons to Learn Bridge

  • Have fun!
  • Meet new people.
  • Exercise your brain.
  • Challenge yourself.

Map to Find the Classes at the GBA (Gwent Bridge Academy)
Clayton Street, Newport, Gwent.

GBA Bridge Lessons Map

Visit the GBA (Gwent Bridge Academy)

Bridge Adventures

Eight of our members used to play Blackwood, but unfortunately the opposition cancelled the fixture; apparently last year Michaels provoked them with a Jacoby transfer.

Baron Gerber once brought along Astro, but he was black-balled for removing stamens with his mini-spade.

Our esteemed member Benji has not been seen since he went off with two multi-coloured diamonds.

You have an open invitation to come and see the GBA.  At Clayton Street in Newport, we have the best bridge facilities in the Wales.  Our friendly club have two rooms that are always setup to play bridge, in fact, our whole building is dedicated to this marvellous game which you never stop learning.

We are open for bridge every day from Monday to Saturday at 7:00 pm*.

* (Except ALTERNATIVE Fridays where we open 1:00 to 4:00pm).

Double check with our full schedule here at the GBA.

Action Enrolment:
The course is now full, but to be placed on the waiting list:

Please email Mike:

Why This Review of Bridge Classes in Newport?

Bridge is Guy's favourite game.  The GBA in Newport is a wonderful venue for duplicate, and Mike Clarke is great teacher.