Name That Year - September Dates Quiz

September Dates QuizEvents that happened in September- Quiz

Will and Guy have a surprise - there are no jokes on this page, just a challenge to you; can you name that year?

All these 31 events happened in September -
But in which year?

The values in brackets is the leeway that I give you.
For example:  The Russo (Russian) - Japanese War starts. (10 years) 
Exact answer: 1904, leeway 1894-1914.

  1. The Liberty Bell arrives in Philadelphia. (50 Years)
  2. Greeks defeat Persians at the battle of Marathon. (200 Years)
  3. The United Kingdom adopts the Gregorian calendar. (50 Years)
  4. Sir Donald Campbell exceeds 300 MPH at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. (20 Years)
  5. Geronimo surrenders to General Miles. (20 Years)
  6. British colonise Malta. (50 Years)
  7. Pilgrims sail from Plymouth on the Mayflower to America. (30 Years)
  8. Nikita Khrushchev becomes head of the Soviet Central Committee in Russia. (10 Years)
  9. The first Severn bridge opens between England and Wales. (10 Years)
  10. The first real glass plate photograph is taken by Herschel. (40 Years)
  11. Terrorist attack destroys the Twin Towers (World Trade Center) New York. (2 Years)
  12. The last Guillotine execution in France (Marseille). (50 Years)
  13. Viscount Tredegar opens the Transporter Bridge in Newport Gwent in South Wales. (20 Years)
  14. Romans start building Hadrian's wall. (200 Years)
  15. Isadora Duncan killed. Strangled in a car wheel by her own scarf. (20 Years)
  16. Alexander Fleming discovers penicillin. (30 Years)
  17. Juan Peron deposed as president of Argentina. (20 Years)
  18. John Shore invented the tuning fork. (100 Years)Isadora Duncan killed. Strangled in a car wheel by her own scarf. (20 Years)
  19. Mao Tse Tung's funeral in China. (20 Years)
  20. Bruno Hauptmann was charged with the kidnap of the Lindbergh baby. (20 Years)
  21. Saladin begins his siege of Jerusalem. (75 Years)
  22. H.G. Wells born. (20 Years)
  23. ITV Television first broadcast. (20 Years)
  24. Nintendo company formed. (20 Years)
  25. The first airship unveiled. (50 Years)
  26. Jethro Tull invented the seed drill. (50 Years)
  27. Sir Frances Drake circumnavigates the world. (50 Years)
  28. Mexico gains independence from Spain. (100 Years)
  29. Saint Wenceslas is murdered in Bohemia by his brother Boleslav. (200 Years)
  30. In which year was Horatio Nelson born (British admiral). (50 Years)
  31. Madagascar becomes a French protectorate. (100 Years)

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September Special Events

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