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Events that happened in March - Can you name the year?Events that happened in March - Quiz guess the year

Will and Guy have a surprise - there are no jokes on this page, just a challenge to you; can you name that year?

All these 40 events happened in March - But in which year?

The values in brackets is the leeway that I give you.
For example:  The Russo (Russian) - Japanese War starts. (10 years) 
Exact answer: 1904, leeway 1894-1914.

  1. 'The Spectator' begins publishing (London) (60 years)
  2. Albert Berry makes the first parachute jump from a plane (10 years)
  3. The first test flight of the supersonic Concorde (10 years)
  4. Tsar Nicholas II, last Russian tsar, abdicates (10 years)
  5. William Penn receives Pennsylvania's charter from Charles II (75 years)
  6. Samuel Colt patents the first revolver.  (30 years)
  7. Santa Anna defeats Travis and Bowie at The Alamo  (25 years)
  8. Hoffman patented aspirin  (30 years)
  9. Golda Meir elected prime minister of Israel (7 years)
  10. Queen Anne succeeds William III (William of Orange)  (100 years)
  11. Charles de Gaulle Airport opens in Paris  (10 years)
  12. Napoleon Bonaparte marries Josephine  (50 years)
  13. Alexander Graham Bell makes first phone call  (30 years)
  14. Goths descend on Rome (200 years)
  15. British £1 note ceases to be legal tender  (7 years)
  16. Bermuda becomes an English colony (100 years)
  17. US Post Office established (50 years)
  18. William Hershel discovers the planet Uranus (100 years)
  19. Whitney patents the cotton gin (50 years)
  20. Julius Caesar stabbed to death in the senate (200 years)
  21. My Lai Massacre Vietnam (5 years)
  22. Mike Tyson Knocks out Frank Bruno - Dy no what I mean Harry? (6 years)
  23. Dutch ban on Sunday driving lifted (25 years)
  24. Caruso releases his first record: Vesti la giubba, it became the first record to sell 1 Million copies.  (20 years)
  25. The St Bernard Tunnel opens, joining Switzerland and Italy (20 years)
  26. Patty Hearst convicted of armed robbery (10 years)
  27. Persia officially renamed Iran (50 years)
  28. Gutenberg Bible became the first printed book (150 years)
  29. Dame Nellie Melba, reveals secret of her now famous toast (20 years)
  30. US army demobs last homing pigeon  (20 years)
  31. Johann Sebastian Bach opens his Brandenburg Concerts (75 years)
  32. Greece becomes a republic (50 years)
  33. Elvis Presley joins the US army (5 years)
  34. First Olympics of the modern era held in Athens (5 years)
  35. Driving tests introduced in UK (15 years)
  36. Khrushchev becomes Premier of the Soviet Union (5 years)
  37. Three mile island nuclear leak near Harrisburg Pennsylvania (10 years)
  38. Switzerland forms Republic (100 years)
  39. Queen Mother dies peacefully in her sleep (3 years)
  40. Dalai Lama escapes Chinese and flees to India (20 years)

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Bonus: Which date in March are these events?

Ides of March (3 days)

St David's Day  (3 days)

St Patrick's Day (3 days)

Inauguration Day (3 days)


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