Name that Year - June Dates Quiz

Events that happened in June - Can you name the year?Events that happened in June - Quiz

Will and Guy have a surprise - there are no jokes on this page, just a challenge to you; can you name that year?

All these 35 events happened in June -
But in which year?

The values in brackets is the leeway that I give you.
For example:  The Russo (Russian) - Japanese War starts. (10 years) 
Exact answer: 1904, leeway 1894-1914.

  1. The first Zeppelin air raid over England 1783 The Montgolfier brothers demonstrate their hot air balloon (10 Years)
  2. P.T. Barnum & his circus begin first tour of US (40 Years)
  3. Geiseric led the Vandals and pillaged Rome (200 Years)
  4. The Duke of Windsor (former Edward VIII) marries Wallis Simpson (5 Years)
  5. The Montgolfier brothers demonstrate their hot air balloon (50 Years)
  6. Marshall Plan unveiled.  United States calls for economic aid to Europe (5 Years)
  7. D-Day Invasion of Normandy (3 Years)
  8. The first ship passes through the Panama Canal (25 Years)
  9. Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland died (100 Years)
  10. Jonathan Aitken is jailed for 18 months lying during a libel action (5 Years)
  11. Emperor Nero commits suicide in Rome (100 Years)
  12. The first Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge (50 Years)
  13. John Paul Getty III was kidnapped, later had his ear severed (5 Years)
  14. New Zealand annexes the Cook Islands (25 Years)
  15. South Africa sentences Nelson Mandela to life in prison (7 Years)
  16. France colonize Algeria (50 Years)
  17. Pioneer 10 becomes the first spacecraft to leave our solar system (10 Years)
  18. Captain William Bligh reaches Timor after Mutiny on the Bounty by Fletcher Christian (75 Years)
  19. Charles Goodyear receives a patents the vulcanization of rubber (40 Years)
  20. Foundation of the British Women's Institute (10 Years)
  21. The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York (20 Years)
  22. The Watergate scandal erupts (5 Years)
  23. Inquest finds Lord Lucan guilty of murdering nanny Sandra Rivett ( 7 Years)
  24. Maximilian the Hapsburg Emperor of Mexico, was executed by a firing squad (50 Years)  (See Manet's famous painting)
  25. Queen Victoria succeeds to the British throne (5 Years)
  26. Admiral Ludwig von Reuter scuttles the German fleet in Scapa Flow, Orkney (10 Years)
  27. George V is crowned King of the United Kingdom (5 Years)
  28. John Gotti ' Teflon Don' jailed for life with no parole (8 Years)Mary Pickford
  29. Mary Pickford becomes first film star to get million dollar contract (10 Years)
  30. The Korean war begins (3 Years)
  31. The Queen and President Eisenhower open the St Lawrence Seaway opening the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean (5 Years)
  32. World's first Automatic Teller Machine is installed in Enfield England (8 Years)
  33. The Versailles Treaty signed (5 Years)
  34. Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria is assassinated (2 years)
  35. China regains sovereignty over the Hong Kong (5 Years)


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