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Can You Name That Year?

Will and Guy have a surprise - there are no jokes in this section, just a challenge to you to 'A Guess That Year Quiz?  Each of these months has 30+ events.  Your task is to guess the year.

Examples of: Name That Year Quizes

Mary Pickford becomes first film star to get million dollar contract
(10 Years leeway)  Answer 1916

Martin Luther King assassinated by James Earl Ray
(5 Years) Answer 1968  (1963-1973 accepted)

Leon Trotsky died in Mexico
(20 Years) Answer 1940

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  1. The last Guillotine execution in France (Marseille). (50 Years)
  2. The Statue of Liberty arrives in New York (20 Years)
  3. The Orient Express leaves Paris on its first journey (20 Years)
  4. Dow Jones stock index launched (40 Years)
  5. George Eastman patents 'Kodak box camera'. (20 Years)


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