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Events that happened in August - Can you name the year?Events that happened in August - Quiz

Will and Guy have a surprise - there are no jokes on this page, just a challenge to you; can you name that year?

All these events happened in August - But in which year?

The values in brackets is the leeway that I give you.
For example: The Russo (Russian) - Japanese War starts. (10 years)
Exact answer: 1904, leeway 1894-1914.When did london bridge open?

  1. London Bridge Opens. (50 Years)
  2. Formal signing of American Independence( 20 Years)
  3. Great Train Robbery in the UK. (10 Years)
  4. Dom Perignon invented champagne (100 Years)
  5. Nelson Mandela arrested in South Africa, charges include, leaving the country illegally (10 Years)
  6. Bolivia gains independence from Peru. Named after Simón Bolìvar (50 years)
  7. Thor Heyerdahl's Kon Tiki reaches Polynesia from South America (20 Years)
  8. Balmat and Paccard make the first ascent of Mount Blanc (50 Years)
  9. First stone laid in the construction of the leaning tower of Pisa (100 Years)
  10. Construction of the St Lawrence Seaway begins (40 Years)
  11. Funeral of Pope Paul VI (20 Years)
  12. Hawaii formally annexed to US (30 Years)
  13. IBM introduces the PC and PC-DOS version 1.0
    (7 years)
  14. First taxi in New York (20 Years)
  15. East Germans start building the Berlin Wall
    (10 Years)
  16. V-J Day; Japan surrenders unconditionally to end WW II (1 Year)
  17. Macbeth, King of Scotland, slain by son of King Duncan (200 Years)
  18. Roller coaster patented (30 Years)
  19. Gold discovered in the Klondike (20 Years)
  20. Genghis Khan dies (100 years)First New York Taxi 1907
  21. Pierre Janssen discovers Helium gas (50 Years)
  22. Bonnie Prince Charlie raises his standard at Glenfinnan in Scotland (50 Years)
  23. NASA launch Viking 1 to Mars. Two years later also on Aug 20th NASA  launch Voyager 2 (5 Years)
  24. Leon Trotsky died in Mexico (20 Years)
  25. Battle of Bosworth (End of the War of the Roses) (75 Years)
  26. British colonies abolished slavery (40 Years)Captain Webb swims the English Channel 1875
  27. Vesuvius erupts destroying Pompeii (100 Years)
  28. Captain Webb swims the English Channel (30 Years)
  29. Galileo Galilei demonstrates his telescope in Venice
    (75 Years)
  30. Julius Caesar invades England (75 Years)
  31. IRA bomb kills Lord Mountbatten (15 Years)
  32. Caleb Bradham launches Pepsi-cola (20 Years)
  33. Faraday discovers electromagnetic induction (50 Years)
  34. Melbourne Australia is founded (75 Years)
  35. Diana Princess of Wales dies in Paris (5 Years)

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