Wooden Cars and Funny Vehicles

Wooden Wooden Cars and Funny Vehicles  - Amazing PowerPoint Presentation

Even though these wooden vehicles are not especially funny, Will and Guy find them fascinating and are well worth inclusion on the site.

Wooden Car - Polished Performer!

Wooden car - polished performer


Leonardo da Vinci's three-wheeled wooden car

Leonardo da Vinci three-wheeled wooden car

Experts have finally managed to build a three-wheeled wooden car designed by 15th century genius Leonardo da Vinci, which is powered by springs wound by hand.

Amazing Wooden Cadillac

Wooden Cadillac

Amazing PowerPoint Presentation of Wooden Vehicles for the Road



Free Download of Wooden Cars for the Road (Right click, Save Target As)Wooden SuperCar

Wooden SuperCar

Joe Harmon, a designer from the USA, is working on the world's first wooden supercar.

He started the project with other students at North Carolina State University to see whether it was possible to build a performance car out of wood.  Their creation - the Splinter - should be completed later in 2008 and will have a top speed of an incredible 240mph.

Mike Morris and his Mahogany MasterpieceMike Morris and his Mahogany Masterpiece

Mike Morris used his cabinet maker skills to produce this mahogany masterpiece - a road going car with a wooden body.  To Mike it was well worth the two years and thousands of dollars to build his unique car.

It can reach 40 mph, which is fast enough around Blackpool, England where Mike lives.  What was important was it past it's Ministry of Transport test and thus has a roadworthiness certificate.

Mike said to reporters: 'When I go out people want to touch it all the time. Strangers stroke it just like a piece of furniture.' Unlike a conventional car the only maintenance required is an annual coat of varnish and now it is up for sale. 'I don't know what it is worth or if anyone will want it but it would be great for an advertising campaign,' Mr Morris said.

Special Funny Thatchback Car Revealed

Will and Guy can reveal that a Wiltshire publican has treated his Morris 1000 Traveller car to a rustic makeover - by making a thatched roof for it.

Mr Jim Goodland now can be seen as he drives through the streets near his pub, The King's Head, in the village of Whiteparish, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, England.

The car is roadworthy; although Mr Goodland admits the new roof may not have improved its fuel consumption. The Morris Minor, said to typify Englishness, was first launched in London in 1948. The wood-framed Traveller was introduced to the Morris Minor range later on, along with the panel van and pick-up truck version.

Will owned a rose taupe coloured Morris 1000 Traveller in the early 1970's. Pictured here:


Wooden F1 CarWooden F1 Car

At first sight a wooden formula one car seems impossible.  But here is the proof.  German racing fan Michael Arndt has made a Formula 1 car from matchsticks.

It took nearly 1 million matchsticks, and thousands of man hours spread over six years, not to mention a small fortune in glue.

More Funny Vehicles - Wooden Bike

Wooden Bike


Wooden Tank - Awesome

Wooden Tank - Stack that wood

Tank carved from wood.

Electric Wooden Car

Here we present to you a prototype wooden electric car from Kyoto, Japan.

Electric Wooden Car

The car, which has bamboo-weave doors, has a range of 10km [six miles] and can reach 30mph [50kph]. Word has reached Will and Guy that the design is based on the Model Tree Ford.

Another Funny Vehicle - Eco-friendly Bamboo Car

Eco-friendly car

This eco-friendly car made out of bamboo and running on electricity could be the future, although Will and Guy are doubtful considering the weather we have here in the UK. Large areas of North America would also be unsuitable. It reminds Will very much of the French blue Citroen 2CV he used to own. Friends often used referred to it as the 'upside down pram' [a baby carriage].Wooden 3 wheel car

However, the eco car is on display in Kyoto, western Japan. The single-seater bamboo car weighs sixty-kilograms, measures 270 centimetres in length, 130 centimetres in width and 165 centimetres in height; it can also run for 50 kilometres on a single charge. 

Cardboard Fiat Cinquecento

This life size Fiat Cinquecento has been created and built by Chris Gilmour solely out of cardboard and glue

Will says: Aren't all Fiat Cinquecento's made out of cardboard?
Guy just says: Why?

Wooden Mercedes

Wooden Mercedes

Will says: Aren't all Mercedes a bit wooden?
Guy says: Bobby Lucas and I once made a car like this.

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