Spectacular Whales

Spectacular Whales - Amazing PowerPoint Presentation

There are at least a dozen different species of whales, for example: Blue, Sperm, Killer (Orca) Fin, Sei, Bryde's, Minke, Humpback, Gray, Bowhead.  There are also 'Right Whales', with their distinctive callous lumps.

Famed for their size, the blue whale is the largest animal that has ever lived. They can reach 30 meters (not feet) and weigh close to 200 tons (180 metric tonnes).

1) Is it a bird?  Is it is a fish?  No, it's a whale

Is it a bird? No, it's a whale

2) Killer Whale - We have lift-off

Spectacular Whale

Here above is a killer whale, or Orca, in Alaska.  They feed on fish but also sea-lions, otters and seals. 


3) A different whale leaping

Spectacular Whale 

4) Whale playing 

Spectacular Whale

5) Whale sunset - The tail fins are called 'Flukes'

Spectacular Whale

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The Whale - A Beautiful and Thought-Provoking Tale

Will and Guy have been sent this report by two of our regular contributors to the site - Maggie Nutt and John Reeves. We are grateful for their additions.Spectacular Whale

A female humpback whale had become entangled in a spider web of crab traps and lines. She was weighted down by hundreds of pounds of traps that caused her to struggle to stay afloat.  She also had hundreds of yards of line rope wrapped around her body, her tail, her torso, a line tugging in her mouth.

A fisherman spotted her just east of the Faralon Islands [off the coast of San Francisco, California, USA] and radioed for help. Within a few hours, the rescue team arrived and determined that she was so badly off, the only way to save her was to dive in and untangle her. A very dangerous proposition as one slap of the tail could kill a prospective rescuer.

They worked for hours with curved knives and eventually freed her.

When she was free, the divers say she swam in what seemed like joyous circles. She then came back to each and every diver, one at a time, nudged them, and pushed gently, thanking them.  Some said it was the most incredibly beautiful experience of their lives.

The man who cut the rope out of her mouth says her eye was following him the whole time, and he will never be the same.

May you and all those you love, be so fortunate as to be surrounded by people who will help you get untangled from the things that are binding you and may you always know the joy of giving and receiving gratitude.

Martha and the Whale

A little girl called Martha was talking to her teacher about whales.

The teacher said it was physically impossible for a whale to swallow a human because even though it was a very large mammal its throat was very small.

Martha stated that Jonah was swallowed by a whale.

Irritated, the teacher reiterated that a whale could not swallow a human; it was physically impossible.

The little girl said, 'When I get to heaven I will ask Jonah'.

The teacher asked, 'What if Jonah went to hell?'

Martha replied, 'Then you ask him'.

How to Create an Amazing PowerPoint PresentationHow to Create an amazing PowerPoint Presentation

Making presentations in PowerPoint is satisfying, moreover, it's easy to get started.  The PowerPoint program is intuitive to learn and easy to create your own PPT slides and build them into a slide show.  If you have Microsoft Office you may find that you already have PowerPoint along with Word and Excel. 

One way to begin is simply to open any example presentation.  Just download one of our free PPT files and open it with PowerPoint.  As you examine the slides, so it will become obvious how to add pictures and titles, if you do get stuck, ask the wonderful built-in 'Help'.  To make an amazing slide show requires these skills;

  • Imagination - Think of an idea, then build a themed slide set
  • Artistic - An eye for a good picture
  • Wordsmith - Choose a catchy title for each slide
  • Humour - Your viewers will appreciate a funny PowerPoint Presentation
  • PowerPoint mechanics - Actually, this is the easiest skill of them all, the program is so intuitive.

Good luck with creating your amazing PowerPoint Presentation

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Interesting Facts About WhalesInteresting facts about whales

The largest of the whales is the blue whale.  It's little surprise that this currently the biggest animal on the planet.  One image to conjure with is that of a newborn whale calf, they are 20 feet long and weigh two tonnes. What puts the adult's size into perspective is that the blue whale is bigger than every dinosaur, they weigh about 140 tonnes and are 75 feet long.  

 Another image is that of a car and a blue whale, you could comfortably park the vehicle in the whale's mouth.


Case Study

The favourite food of killer whales, or orcas, is herring and perch.  However, over-fishing together with global warming has decimated the shoals of these fish in the Pacific in general and the Aleutian Islands in particular.  As a result the orcas have turned on the poor sea otter.  Sad news for the sea otters, whose populations are only about 20% of former levels; survival of the fittest as Darwin would predict.

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