Yorkshire Airlines - Free Video

Will and Guy bring you a very English video clip

Fly Yorkshire Airlines with Captain Boycott at the controls

Fly Yorkshire Airlines

Here is an airline that is dedicated to the very best in Yorkshire ale, Yorkshire people and the Yorkshire countryside.  The same flight takes off and lands at Leeds airport, they never venture out of the county.

Yorkshire Airlines - Air-hostesses greet passengers

Fly Yorkshire Airlines air hostess


Example of in-flight entertainment, ferret down his trousers

Fly Yorkshire Airlines

Yorkshire Airlines - How bad are they?

Fly Yorkshire Airlines

Yorkshire Airlines Video

If you are considering a holiday in Yorkshire, this video is a must-see.

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Yorkshire Cricket Joke

A Yorkshire man had emigrated to America, but still used to receive news from home by mail.

One day, he got the following telegram: 
'Regret father died this morning STOP
Early hours. Funeral Wednesday STOP
Yorkshire two hundred and one for six STOP
Boycott not out ninety six.'

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