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Thanksgiving Turkey Statistics

In 2007 it is predicted that America will produce 300 million turkeys (not all for Thanksgiving).  That adds up to 8 billion pounds of turkey meat.  In addition, the cranberry production should reach 750 million pounds of fruit.

Origins of The Turkey

The history of the turkey goes back at least 800 years to New Mexico.  When Cortés invaded Mexico, he discovered that the natives kept flocks of turkeys.  Biologists suspect that the Meso-american civilization domesticated the turkey Meleagris gallopavo. This culture developed in the Maya of Belize, Guatemala, and up through Mexico. 

In Cortés time it was all very different from today's celebration of Thanksgiving with the turkey at center stage.  Or was it?  While the surroundings were completely different, and the time of year may have been nearer summer, but I expect the ancients new how to party on turkey!


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