Stupid Video Clip of Boy Throwing Stones

An act of unbelievable idiocy -
Stupid Video Clip of Boy Throwing Stones

Here, caught on camera we have an act of stupidity.  Then, if the camera does not lie, the perpetrator repeats his mistake - silly boy.  (Free Download)

Stage 1 - Don't Throw Stones!

stupid boy video clip

The youth on the left is throwing a ball at the window.  Note the television flickering in the room.

Stage 2 - Don't Duck into the Stone

The ball ricochets from the window and is about to hit the innocent youth on right on the head.  You can just about make out the ball to the right of the central pole.

stupid boy


Stage 3 - Gotcha

The ball knocks over the innocent youth.  See our free download at the bottom of the page.

funny video clip

Stage 4 - Surely He's Not Going to Throw Another Stone?

You can see one youth lying on the floor (see his foot).  But what is the stupid youth doing?  Throwing another ball at the wall.

stupid video clip

Stage 5 - Check the Free Video

What happens next?  It's not a happy ending. Check out our stupid video clip.

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Free Download of Stupid Video Clip

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