Streaker Video Featuring a Soccer Game

Streaker Video Featuring a Soccer Game

I wonder when streaking started.  One hears that in the ancient Greek games they were all streakers, so perhaps the questions should be when did streaking stop?

Check out our streaker video clip.
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Free Download Video Showing Soccer Streaker

Will and Guy Bare Their Souls

Actually, it's a love of sport that keeps Will and I in contact.  What I like about Will is that he can be passionate about his Soccer, Cricket and Rugby team, yet retain an objective reasoning for their failings.

We each take an interest in a whole range of other sports, what we like is to see is the best, whether it's the Tour de France, American Football or the Olympic Games.

My own foible is wishing or fantasising how they could apply the skills of one sport in another.  One such transfer happened many years ago in rugby, where they changed from an underarm throw-in by the wing to the American Football torpedo throw by the hooker.

I keep telling the NFL coaches that they should transfer rugby tactics to American Football,  just watch the way the rugby fly-half off-loads to the centres.  Such a play must work in American Football with 3 running backs in the back field.  In rugby the play is often called back for a forward pass or obstruction, both of which are allowed in American Football, this would make the play even easier.

Equally rugby wing-forwards could learn from American Football how to charge down a kick.  In rugby there would be no roughing the kicker penalty if they tackle him before he gets off his kick.

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