The Squirrel Assault Course - Free Video

The Squirrel Assault Course

Picture this: it's autumn, the leaves are falling but the hazel nuts are in short supply.  The squirrel trainer has prepared an assault course, success leads to a reward of those tasty nuts.  Here is our star climber gathering himself to make his first leap.  Free squirrel video.

Squirrel video

Our squirrel employs a classic assault course technique - hand over hand

Squirrel assault course

Squirrel leaping

The picture is rather grainy, you can just about see the tail.  Be assured, the video is better, not only can you see the leap, but also there is a surprise rocket ride not shown in these still pictures.


Squirrel leaping

Our squirrel completes the assault course and get his well-deserved hazel nuts

Squirrel gets nuts 

This is a remarkable squirrel, and an even more impressive assault course, check out the free video below.

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Free download of squirrel assault course (Right click Save Target As..)

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