Funny Video Clip - 'Roofing'

Will and Guy have uncovered a new meaning to the verb - Roofing

To roof is normally a verb meaning to cover the top of a building.  However, these chaps have discovered a new meaning to - 'Just off roofing darling'.  Or 'Please hold the ladder, I am just going up to fix a roof.'   Check out our funny roofing video clip.

Stage 1

' Just off roofing darling'

Stage 2

With the wives and girl friends thinking they are working hard on the roof, here is what the chaps are up to?

Stage 3

Another picture of the chaps at 'work'.  As we can see the chimney in the foreground, this picture shows the roof, a place where wives are unlikely to visit.  The video is even funnier than the still pictures.


Stage 4

Now whenever men get up to mischief, it always ends in tears.

Check out our funny video clip and see what really happened.  You will be amazed at 'Roofing'.

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