Funny Video Clip - Rabbit v Snake
with a Twist in the Tail

Funny Video Clip - Rabbit v Snake with a Twist in the Tail

1) Rabbit meets snake - Who is chasing who?

Rabbit and Snake

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2) Surprisingly, the rabbit approaches the snake

Rabbit and Snake - Who chases who?

At first we thought that this was not a rabbit but a March hare.  However the professor of Lagomorphs confirms that this is a rabbit belonging to the genus Oryctolagus.

3) Inevitably, the snake strikes out at the rabbit

Snake strikes out at rabbit

4) Now, the rabbit chases the snake's tail

Rabbit chases snake's tail

4) Incredibly, the rabbit chases the snake up a tree

Rabbit chases snake's tail

Check out our funny rabbit and snake video clip and see the full story. 

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