Mime Dancers Create Penguins and a Gun

Mime Dancers Create Penguins and a Gun (Free Video)

Here we have a talented group of mime dancers.  See how they work together to produce some amazing shapes.  Sit back and enjoy the mime effects.

Mime Dancers - Enter the Stage

Mime Dancers 


Dancers Mime Penguins 

Dancers Mime Penguin

Mime Dance Group Finish with a Bang

Dancers Mime Penguin

Mime Dancers Video

The above pictures don't do the Mime Dancers justice - check out our video clip:
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Free video download of Mime Dancers (Right click, Save Target As)

Mime History

Mime is the art of representing scenes from life by way of facial expressions and body movements.  There is a rich history of mime from Greek and Roman times, through medieval minstrels and mummers to vaudeville.  Later came the Ziegfeld Follies and Marcel Marceau.  Perhaps pantomime is best mainstream example of mime in the 21st century.

Indeed, the early history of silent movies is full of stars who relied on mime, names like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Harold Lloyd spring to mind.  Each of these stars was great at representing feelings through gestures and expressive facial movements.

One of Will's Favourite Dance Videos


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