Flight 1549

 US Airways Flight 1549 Airbus A320 January 19th 2009

Here are slides explaining how captain Sullenberger successful ditched that Airbus flight 1549 in the Hudson river.  

The amazing rescue has received intense media analysis, Will and Guy would just like to say that we appreciate the actions of a man at the very top of his profession.   Perhaps the greatest accolades come from his fellow pilots, and from the accident investigation team who are anxious to understand how he did so that planes can be even safer and pilots even better trained.

We would like to acknowledge John Moudy's work in creating these slides and publicise is good work in what ever way possible.

1) The Flight-path of US Airways of Flight 1549

Flight 1549Flight 1549 Captain


2) Captain of Flight 1549 - Chesley B. Sullenberger III  (Picture Right)

Chesley B. Sullenberger III, was the US Airways pilot who made an emergency landing in the Hudson river, New York. The first officer first officer on flight 1549 on January 19th 2009 was Jeffrey B. Skiles, aged 49.  If you remember, the problem was that a flock of geese got sucked into both jet engines, thus crippling the plane just after its take-off from New York's LaGuardia airport.

To land any plane of the size of an Airbus successfully on water, is an extremely difficult manoeuvre.  The plane has to hit the water within a very narrow range of speed and elevation.  This was one, of the most successful ditchings in airliner history.

Not only did Captain Sullenberger do a fantastic job landing the Airbus on the River Hudson, he stayed behind after the evacuation to check that no one was left behind in the seats.

3) A Rare Success Ditching the Water of the Hudson River


Flight 1549 ditching Hudson

Hudson ferries rescued passengers from the wings of the Airbus. One of the flight attendant's broke a leg, but the passengers were unharmed except for suffering from the cold (20 oF). 


4) Rescue of Flight 1549 Airbus

Flight 1549 ditching Hudson

5) Forced Landing in the Hudson

In addition to the supreme skill of Captain Sullenberger,  Flight 1549 had two pieces of luck, firstly, that the Airbus did not hit any of the boats crossing the busy Hudson river, secondly that there were so many craft available to make a quick rescue of the passengers.   who all got out of the plane alive.

PowerPoint Presentation of Flight 1549 Ditching in the Hudson



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