Car Windscreen Washer Problem - Free Video

Car Windscreen Washer Problem - Free Video

Here is a driver pootling along down the freeway, keeping to the speed limit.  Bad luck, a bird dropping lands on his windscreen.  It should be no problem, all he needs to do is flick the windscreen wiper switch.  See the video of how his day suddenly gets more exiting.

1) Bird Dropping on the Windscreen

Car windscreen stuff - free video

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2) Driver presses windscreen washer

Car windscreen switch

3) Dang!  What's that ink coming out of the nozzle?

Car windscreen ink? or oil

What is that coming out of the car's washers?  And how did it get there?  All will be revealed in the video below.

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Free Download of Car Crash Video  (Right click, Save Target As)

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