Car Wheelie - Video Clip

Car Wheelie - Video Clip

This video clip reminds Will and Guy of a quote by Broderick Crawford in a 1960's T.V. programme called Highway Patrol.  'It takes 20,000 bolts to make a car, but only one nut to spread it all over the road'.

Here is a Citroen Saxo on a rally stage

We think this car is the 200 bhp s1600 model of the Citroen Saxo.

Car wheelie

Car turns into a hairpin bend

The person on the near side looks as if he is reading, thus we suspect he's the navigator and it's a left hand drive car.  We were wondering if the video was taken in Italy - possibly during the famous Mille Miglia rally?

Car rally wheelie


Rear steering

According to Nigel, our car expert, rear steering is not standard on the Citroen Saxo.  Check out the video and see if Nigel is right, or if the car has had a modification.

Car rally wheelie

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