Zany End-of-Term Test for Teachers

Zany End-of-Term Test for Teachers

I would like to plant an idea for an end-of-term test with a difference.  It works by disguising a class quiz as a cunning method of extracting information that pupils would not otherwise tell you.  For example, suppose someone smashed a window at your school, and nobody would own up.

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Zany Test

You could have a Quiz with lot's of, 'Who did it' questions.  For example,

  1. Who built the Pyramids?
  2. Who did Hadrian's wall protect the Romans against.
  3. Who smashed the gym window?
  4. Who is the Colts' Quarterback?
  5. Who is George Bush?

Now remember that your quiz is a bit of end of term fun; consequently, the pupil's guard will be down.  The more gullible pupil's will assume that you already know the answer, therefore you can have a good chance of them telling you who smashed the gym window (or whatever you want to discover).  If necessary, play your joker and offer a bribe of a good prize for the most correct answers.

My old friend Ted, once discovered the mystery graffiti artist by employing this technique. For example, some unknown swine was writing on the stairs.

  1. What does Graffiti mean?
  2. Estimate how many steps are there on the main school staircase.
  3. Who wrote **** on the banner-stairs?

Another year, we did not find out any useful information, but we had a lot of fun devising the questions.

My mission here has been to plant the seed.  I hope that it will germinate into an idea that you can have fun and even discover something that you did not know about your pupils.


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