Lateral Thinking Tests

Simon in the ElevatorLateral thinking dwarf in lift

Simon lives on the twenty first floor of a tenement building.  Each day Simon takes the elevator to the ground floor.  He then goes to work (You can ' pad out' this part). When he returns Simon takes the lift (elevator) to the eighth floor and then proceeds to walks up the stairs the remaining thirteen floors.

The Question:  Why does Simon take the lift all the way down, but always gets out on the eighth floor on the way up?

Solution:  Simon was an achondroplastic dwarf.

Clues: You could say that when other people are in the lift Simon gets out at the top floor.  One day when it was raining, he managed to reach his floor without walking.  (Had an umbrella.)  You may find that at least one person in the audience knows the answer, in which case the trick it to get them on your side and to add clues rather than give the game away.


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