Wood Stacking Art

Stacking Logs Turns into an Art Form 

The next time you are stacking wood take inspiration from these examples.  Combine the science of stack stability with the art of creating an wood sculpture.

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There's an Owl in the Woodshed!

Owl in the Woodshed

What's on this Woodshed?

Can you guess what's on the outside of this woodshed?

Windows in the Woodshed

Why, It's Windows in the Woodshed

Window in Woodshed


Fallen Tree?

Wood Stacking Art

Word from an Expert Woodsman

What Chuck Ray says about stacking firewood:

'If you're nice and cozy by your wood stove, and feeling good about your own energy and stamina in splitting and piling all that wood for the winter, then good for you. But don't get too impressed by your own firewood prowess until you consider these Herculean efforts'. See more about firewood stacking.


The Secret Behind Wood StackingThe Art of Stacking Wood

Solid Base
To reduce the likelihood of the firewood rotting try to keep the base off the ground.  If you don't have any stones or concrete blocks for a foundation, then lay down 8 inch diameter poles.  You can have gaps about the same 8-10 inches between the base layer of poles.

Keep the Stacks Straight
Firewood stacks should have straight sides if they you want them to stay upright long enough for seasoning. It's a basic law of physics that the shorter the individual logs, the greater the difficulty in building a tall stable structure. 

The firewood blocks are usually slightly bigger at one end than the other, so give their placement thought.  My advice is to straighten the stack every row or two otherwise the weight of the logs prevents sensible adjustment.

Incidentally, I plan my wood stacks to last for two seasons (6 to 18 months).


Horse Art Sculpture

Horse art from driftwood

Driftwood horse sculptures by UK artist Heather Jansch

A Different Wood Building Project

Wooden Tank - Stack that wood

See more intresting wooden vehicles »

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