Willard Wigan Art

Tiny Art by Willard WiganWillard Wigan Art

Will and Guy have seen a lot of interesting and amusing art, but nothing as small and exquisite as Willard Wigan's minuscule creations.

Here is Elvis and he is standing, not on a nail, but on a pin-head.

Willard Wigan Micro-sculptor

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Titanic on a Pin Point

Tiny Titanic

It seems particularly incongruous to have a ship as large as the Titanic on a pin point.  Initially, Guy thought the metal was a javelin point, or at least a dart.

London OlympicsWillard Wiggins 2012

Sculptor *Willard Wigan has created a model of diver Tom Daley on the end of an eyelash.

Willard spent months painstakingly carving the extraordinary model out of specks of gold so small even the pulse in his finger could crush it.

For the sculpture, his smallest to date, he even painted Tom using a hair from the leg of a fruit fly.

Marilyn Munroe

Tiny art Marilyn Munroe 


Henry VIII with his 6 Wives

Tiny figures in eye of a needle

Willard Wigan at Work by His Microscope

Tiny Titanic


Willard's MBEWillard Wigan's Lloyds

In 2007 Willard deservedly received an MBE for services to art from HRH the Prince of Wales.  Shortly after his award, Lloyds of London commissioned Willard to create a replica of their iconic London Building as designed Lord Richard Rogers.  However, Willard's masterpiece was on a pinhead.

Also in 2007 the former tennis player David Lloyd purchased Willard Wigan's collection of micro sculptured art.  It is reported that the collection was valued at £11 million.  [$16 m]

Willard Wigan's story is an inspiration for those who are not good at school.  In a nutshell, Willard cannot read and write, so he has compensated by creating delicate tiny sculptures.  What's more he has not established himself as a master of his craft, but he has established a new branch of art: micro-sculpture.

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