A Diamond Mine in Siberia
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A Diamond Mine in Siberia - Amazing PowerPoint Slide ShowDeep Hole

Stuck away on the island that is Great Britain, Will and Guy have no idea what goes on in outer Siberia.  John Franklin has given a glimpse into the dark, cold, unknown mine workings.  What amazed us most about the slides was the sheer scale of the mine operation.

Siberian Diamond Mine - free PowerPoint Presentation


Siberian Diamond Mine - Perspective

Siberian Diamond Mine - Perspective

Diamond Mine - Free PowerPoint slide show


Siberian Diamond Mine

Amazing Man-made HolesMan made holes

Will and Guy think that these holes are not only remarkable, but some of them are terrifying; the sheer scale of them reminds us of our own size on this planet. We have researched these with the help of a regular contributor, John Reeves, and they complement well the PPT Presentation of the Mirny mine in Siberia.

1. Kimberley Big Hole - South Africa

Apparently the largest ever hand-dug excavation in the world, this 1097 meter deep mine yielded over 3 tons of diamonds before being closed in 1914.  Some of the diamonds found at Kimberley are over 80 carats.

2. Glory Hole - Monticello Dam, California

A glory hole is used when a dam is at full capacity and water needs to be drained from the reservoir

This is the 'Glory Hole' at Monticello dam, and it's the largest in the world of this type of spillway, its size enabling it to consume 14,400 cubic feet of water every second.

At first sight this, and other glory holes, looks like a fake, but we assure that this is a real if man-made phenomenon.

3. Bingham Canyon Mine, Utah Giant Man made mines

Bingham Canyon is supposedly the largest man-made excavation on earth.  Extraction began in 1863 and still continues today, the pit increasing in size constantly. In its current state the hole is � miles deep and 2.5 miles wide.

To the east is Salt Lake City, to the west the Utah Salt Flats.

4. Great Blue Hole, Belize

This incredible geographical phenomenon known as a blue hole is situated 60 miles off the mainland of Belize.  If you go to the very south-east of Mexico, Belize is a tiny Central American country facing towards Cuba.

There are numerous blue holes around the world, but Will and Guy think there is none as stunning as this one.

5. Diavik Mine, Canada

This mine is so huge and the area so remote that it has its own airport with a runway large enough to accommodate a Boeing 737. It looks equally pretty when the surrounding water is frozen. Mine Canada

How to Create an Amazing PowerPoint PresentationHow to Create an amazing PowerPoint Presentation

Making presentations in PowerPoint is satisfying, moreover, it's easy to get started.  The PowerPoint program is intuitive to learn and easy to create your own PPT slides and build them into a slide show.  If you have Microsoft Office you may find that you already have PowerPoint along with Word and Excel. 

One way to begin is simply to open any example presentation.  Just download one of our free PPT files and open it with PowerPoint.  As you examine the slides, so it will become obvious how to add pictures and titles, if you do get stuck, ask the wonderful built-in 'Help'.  To make an amazing slide show requires these skills;

  • Imagination - Think of an idea, then build a themed slide set
  • Artistic - An eye for a good picture
  • Wordsmith - Choose a catchy title for each slide
  • Humour - Your viewers will appreciate a funny PowerPoint Presentation
  • PowerPoint mechanics - Actually, this is the easiest skill of them all, the program is so intuitive.

Good luck with creating your amazing PowerPoint Presentation

Will and Guy


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