How To Clear Snow From Your Car
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How To Clear Snow From Your Car

Here is an object lesson in how to clean the snow from your car.  A man leaves his house to find his car covered in snow.  We have the funny January scenes captured on video.

Clearing snow off car

The man clears snow from the windows with his brief case

Man clears snow from car window

He carefully cleans the wing mirrors

Man clears snow from car mirror


Finally he makes sure the front windscreen is clear of snow and ice

Clear snow windscreen

What could he have possibly done wrong?

Wrong car

Do you see what happened when he tried to open HIS door with his remote key lock?  The car NEXT to his flashes its lights.  Woops, he's cleaned the snow from the wrong car.

Here is another look at his 'Wrong Car' problem

How to clean snow from your car

Best of all, check out our video: How to clear snow from your car.
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How To Clear Snow From Your Car


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