Pictures of Beautiful Glasswing Butterflies

Pictures of Beautiful Glasswing Butterflies

This species of Ithomiinae is native to Central America.  Its distribution ranges from Mexico to Panama.  Although they are common, at first they are difficult to see because of their transparent wings.  This effect gives it the common name: Glasswing.  In nature the transparent effect provides excellent camouflage.

Beautiful transparent butterflies

Close-up of Glasswing Butterfly

Transparent Butterfly

Interesting Facts About Glasswing ButterfliesCatterpillar: You'll never get me to fly in one of those things

Because this butterfly's wings are transparent, it blends into its background, thus is particularly difficult to spot in the wild.  The tissue between the wing's veins looks like the panes of a little glass window.

It's hard to believe that these beautiful glasswing butterflies could have metamorphosized from a caterpillar, especially an ugly one that looks like a hairy centipede.  Yet if it was not for these leaf munching machines there would be no adult butterflies.

Glasswing butterflies can carry up to 40 times their body weight.

Another interesting facts about butterflies in general, and glasswings in particular, is that they taste, through their 6 legs. 

Top speed for a glasswing is about 8 mph.  12 km/hr.


Sad Butterfly StorySad Butterfly Story

Charlie was babysitting his young grandson one day in the summer holidays. Living in Isleworth, London, he decided to treat his grandchild, Jack, aged 3 years, to a visit to the nearby Butterfly House in Syon Park.

Jack happily strolled around the butterfly house following the winding tracks among the tropical flowers, shrubs and trees, Charlie watched him proudly as the red, green, yellow, shimmering butterflies flew through the air. Suddenly, a beautiful blue butterfly with an eight inch wingspan, alighted on the ground in front of Jack, who when he saw it rushed up to it and stamped on it three times shouting, 'Dead, dead, dead! Look Grandpa.'

Charlie picked Jack up, tucked him under his arm and not looking to the left nor the right, rushed out of the building absolutely mortified.



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