The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life

This is the "Tree of Life" at the Animal Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World, Orlando Florida, USA, it Shows Beautiful and Clever Tree Carvings.

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The Tree Looks Normal from a Distance

Tree of Life

However, as one draws closer the Tree of Life, comes to life with a fantastic collection of carved animals.

Tree of Life

For me, the beast that really stick's out is the hippo, with his large snout.


Tree of Life

Here we can see the owl clearly.  How many other animals can you see in this tree of life?

Tree Stories

Apparently there are 325 animals carved into the bark of this massive attraction in Disney's Animal Kingdom theme park.

Details of the Artistic Carvings From The Tree of Life

Here are close-ups of the tree figures

Tree of Life - Crocodile Picture

"Life is all memory, except for the present moment that goes by so quick you hardly catch it going." - Tennessee Williams


Tree of Life

The swirling interconnectedness of the animal sculpted carvings is symbolic to the meaning of the tree of life. It's all about humanity with it's beauty coming together in a celebration of the heart to worship the fact that we are all one, connected to each other in one way or another.

Some people just have the ability to visualise art, then make it happen, as in this incredible tree of life.


Dinosaur Tree

Dinosaur tree

Can you see a Tyrannosaurus Rex disguised as a tree?

Tree of Money!Money Grows on Trees

In post war Europe money was tight and while growing up the expression, 'money doesn't grow on trees', meaning that one should be careful how much money one spends because there is only a limited amount was often heard in the streets and homes of Britain.

Thus, Will and Guy are delighted to at last confirm to readers that money, in fact, DOES grow on trees and here is a recent photo to prove the point.


Please send us your examples of a "Tree of Life".

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