Mellow Pictures

Pictures that make Will and Guy feel mellow

Imagine it's midsummer day and you have just come in from a hard day's work.  You pour yourself a nice long drink, you sit on your favourite chair.  Here are pictures that capture that moment.


1) This flamingo picture is thought provoking - How was it created?

flamingo statues

Trivia: Most people think that Midsummer's day coincides with the summer solstice, where as in fact Midsummer's day is June the 24th and not the 21st.  The only reason that Guy knows this fact is that Midsummer's day is his birthday!

2) Red-throated Bee-eater

Red-throated Bee-eater

3) Mellow Lakeside Scene

Mellow lakeside scene

4) Flaming June

Lazy ice-cream eaters have their day in the sun report.  Will and Guy What do you expect when you buy and ice-cream cone from a vendor? Inventors have created a revolving cone to make it easier for you.

Yes indeed; your cone containing the ice-cream of your choice will rotate anti-clockwise to save you the effort of moving your hand, all you have to do is poke out your tongue. Absolutely true. Kitchen Craft is selling the washable cone, powered by batteries, in the UK for £5.75. [$11 USD

Funny, squashed ice cream van


5) Sunset Utah

Sunset in Utah

6) Sunset over the Sea

Sunset over the sea

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