Experimental Speed Limits

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Experimental Speed Limits

New road signs are springing up, which take into account gender differences.  So far, they are only experimental.

New Speed Limits Gender Bias

Also in America


Confusion in any language

Right - left bend road sign

Insurance claims

Motorists made insurance claims last year for everything from a frozen squirrel crashing through a car windscreen to a cow jumping on a quad bike, it was revealed last week in The Scotsman newspaper.

Freak incidents involving animals topped the list of the most bizarre claims made to insurer Norwich Union in 2005, with food-related prangs in second place. One unlucky driver claimed to be unable to slow down because a potato was lodged behind the brake pedal, while another said a passing vehicle was damaged by a frozen kebab which flew out of an open car door.

Sally Leeman, of Norwich Union, said: 'We see a lot of strange claims but we were surprised at how many involved animals and food, of all things.'


Prescott pulls up in race against primary pupils

Martin Wainwright
Saturday January 28, 2006
The Guardian

The deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott, was given medical treatment for nearly 30 minutes after pulling a muscle during a race against primary schoolchildren.

Mr Prescott, 58, pulled up in pain a few metres from the start of the event at Sheepmount athletics track in Carlisle, where he was visiting redevelopment projects after last year's floods. Onlookers said he sprinted from the line, but then staggered sideways and hobbled off the track.

He said afterwards: 'I thought I was winning. I suppose I should have warmed up properly.' The children carried on with the race.

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