Funny Perspective Pictures

Will and Guy's Funny Perspective Pictures

Examine the pictures and decide which orientation you think is correct.


Wall Perspective

What is happening on this crisp January day?

Funny perspective pictures

Or should it be like the above - or the below? Which perspective is correct?


Will and Guy think the second picture is how it was on the street. 

House-Attack, a Matter of Perspective

Isn't it strange what people do to attract attention?  A house has been 'dropped upside down' on the roof of the Viennese Museum of Modern Art reports the Independent online.

House-Attack, a Matter of PerspectiveHouse-Attack project

The art project, entitled House-Attack by top local sculptor Erwin Wurm, is supposed to look as if the house has fallen out of the sky and landed on the famous museum in the centre of the Austrian capital. It actually took two cranes to put the huge sculpture into place, which is complete with a red roof, window boxes and a TV antenna.
The artist said his work was a statement against over-development. Wurm said, 'There are hundreds of thousands of houses and they are spreading like a plague, like a cancer across our land.'

A Woman's Perspective on Men


Understanding Men

Men are like a fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it's our job as women to stomp on them and keep them in the dark, until they mature into something we can have dinner with.

NASA Perspective - Monster Spider Attacks Space Shuttle

NASA Perspective

A giant spider attacked the Atlantis space shuttle as it attempted to blast off.
At least that's how it appeared when a spider crawled onto Nasa's launch camera at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Fantastic Perspective Pictures of Sistine Chapel

NASA Perspective

Here is the benefit of the internet an interactive view of the famous Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Rome.

The technology is available to you.  In some ways it's even better than being there as there are no crowds in the interactive presentation.  Further more you can see Michelangelo's artwork in greater detail than you could from standing on the floor.  It's fun to tour around admiring the perspective.

Perspective pictures of the Sistine Chapel

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