New Craze - Prints on Skirts to Look Like Knickers

New Craze? - Prints on Skirts Made to Look Like Knickers

Here is a new fashion idea from Japan, these are not really see-thought knickers, merely prints to get the same effect.  The question is will they take-off in other parts of the world?

Pants Prints on Skirts

Will these 'knicker skirts' become the new fashion craze?

More crazy prints

You have to look carefully to see what's happening with these pictures.  I had to focus on the hem before I understood what the images revealed, or didn't reveal.

 Conclusion.  I think women look lovely in skirts or dresses rather than trousers, but these are not to my taste.  However they did make me think - what ever next!

Sadly, these pictures turned out to be fakes, hoaxes created by manipulating the images with programs like Paint Shop Pro.  Still, Will and I like the idea so we will leave the pictures in our collection.


More Fake Prints - Skeleton

Skeleton Dress

This time it's high fashion, a 'Skeleton' dress by Giles.  While the picture is courtesy of Swarovski, the design is by young London fashion designer Giles.

Its 'Free Pants' if your name is Sienna

Sales of Big Pants Go Through The Roof  Leading clothes retailer George said in January 2007 that sales of big black support pants had gone through the roof thanks to movie star Sienna Miller stepping out in a pair after a swanky party in New York.

Sales of George's own version, which is virtually identical, were up a massive 230% when compared to this time last week for the £6 black control pants. Generous designers at George were also offering a free pair to anyone called Sienna. All customers have to do is to bring in their birth certificate to their nearest George store and collect a pair gratis.

"We can't believe the reaction", said George spokesperson, Ed Watson. "When it comes to a fashion trend many people have thought the idea to be pants. Our customers have said knickers to that and are buying them by the shed load - they love them."

The black control pants are available in all ASDA stores.