Beautiful Orchid Flowers

Beautiful Orchid Flowers

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Mother's Incredible Orchid

I know this beautiful orchid personally. The potted plant belongs to my mother.  For about six months the flowers provided great pleasure.  Then, sadly the flowers began to wither then die.  Mother was about to throw out the stick like skeleton, which was all that remained of a beautiful orchid, when something stopped her.

Purely accidentally, the orchid in it's stick-like state, featured as a backdrop to a T.V. interview.  The skeletal stem appeared as a mesmerising feature behind the speaker.  Family members who saw the programme laughed at the withered stalk in the background.  Well as ever, Mother has had the last laugh.  Like Lazarus, the orchid arose from the dead and returned to its former glory.  The latest generation of beautiful orchid flowers are displayed in the photographs below.

 Beautiful Picture of Orchids   Picture of Orchids - enhanced

Choice of images, the photograph on the right has been enhanced. Click on pictures for even bigger images.

New Orchid Discovered in Papua New Guinea


The World Wildlife Fund Scientists have discovered not one, but several new species of orchid species in the forests of Papua New Guinea.

Here is one of their discoveries, Cadetia kutubu, named after the nearby Lake Kutubu.

New Orchid discovered in Papua New Guinea Cadetia kutubu

Orchids of Vietnam

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See more of these beautiful orchids of Vietnam - Inspirational PowerPoint Presentation

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