Merrimac Bridge

Picture of the Merrimac Bridge, Virginia USA.

Merrimac Bridge

Picture courtesy of Scott M. Kozel


This is the problem that the Merrimac Bridge Solves

Travelling from Richmond Virginia to Norfolk. 

Bridge Lessons

Incidentally, Will and I were interested that there is a Portsmouth in America, as well as the original Portsmouth in Hampshire England.


Longest China Bridge

China's Hangzhou Bay Trans-oceanic Bridge (simplified Chinese: 杭州湾大桥; traditional Chinese: 杭州灣大橋; pinyin: Hángzhōu Wān Dàqiáo) is one of the masterpieces of modern architecture. It is the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world - 36 kilometres - and comes with a price tag of 11.8 billion yuan (US$1.70 billion).

China Bridges

See more on the longest Chinese bridge.

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