Mellow Pictures of Sunset

Mellow Pictures of Sunset

Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.  Andre Gide

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Last Walk on the Beach

Pictures of Sunset

Picture of Sunset Over the Sea

Sunset in the snow

Put a Smile on Your Face at Sunset

Smile in the sky - Birds


Clouds Like UFOs - Interesting Picture of Sunset

Amazing sky in Nevada - Flying saucers

Picture of Sunset in Sacramento California

Jim Bainbridge: 'Driving through Nevada we came across the most amazing tree with resting birds photo taken by Michael D Johnson, Sacramento, California

Mellow lakeside scene

A tree with resting birds photo taken by Michael D Johnson, Sacramento, California

Sunrise Pictures


Along with our pictures of sunset, we have interesting and mellow sunrise images.  Indeed the above tree picture maybe at sunrise and not sunset.

Mellow Llandaff Cathedral at Sunrise

Llandaff Cathedral

This picture of mento, California in Cardiff, Wales was taken by Mike Roberts while walking through Hailey Park.  The frost is a give-away that this is a picture of sunrise and not sunset.

Watery Winter Sunset

 Sunset in the snow

This photo shows a light pillar and was taken by Daniel Ruggiero. The morning's frigid temperatures helped support the light refracting/reflecting ice crystals which produce the light pillar effect.

Picture of Sunrise At Sunrise at Uluru (Ayres Rock), Australia


Picture of Sunset

Picture by Maggie Nutt.


Picture of a Rainbow at Dusk

Rainbow at dusk

Rare Inverted, Refracted RainbowRainbow Refracted Ice Crystals

Exceptional atmospheric conditions created a rare and stunning display in the skies above Cambridge, England. Local astronomer, Jacqueline Mitton, captured the fabulous sight, caused by sunlight being refracted through ice crystals high in the atmosphere.

This phenomenon is rarely seen outside the polar regions.

A Meteorological Office spokeswoman informed Will and Guy, 'They are fairly rare. It is convex to the sun and is formed by refraction in suitably-oriented ice crystals and may show vivid rainbow colouring, as in this case.'

Two More Beautiful Rainbows - or is that 2,3,4 or 6 Rainbows?

Multiple Rainbows

A Mellow Ending - Pub at the End of the Rainbow


Rainbow Formations

Mellow Lakeside Scene

Mellow lakeside scene

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