Latest iPod?  Must Have Present?

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1) Latest iPod? Must Have Present?

New Ipod i-pod for Christmas?

See John modelling the latest 'must have' music iPod.

My first thought is how versatile and inventive we humans are.   My second thought is where is the wind up radio?

2) Deluxe version of the music system

Will and Alan have found a picture of the deluxe version of this ' must have music' accessory.  I wonder where you can buy your copy of this music machine?


3) Crazy Way to Carry Your Own Phone?

Another collector's item - British phone box.

4) No Wonder They Think Twice Before Buying a Mobile Phone

Think twice Before Buying a Mobile Phone


5) Sat Nav (Satellite Navigation)

SatNav - Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield bike with latest satellite navigation modification.

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