Spectacular Pictures of Forest Fires

Forest Fires

Forest fires are spectacular, awesome, dangerous and very frightening say Will and Guy.  However, we would like to present this page on our site to record the beauty, the splendour and the sheer terrifying magnificence of this most destructive of occurrences.Spectacular Forest Fires

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Bitterroot Forest Fire in Montana, USA

This is an amazing photo of the Montana fires. There is an aspect of true art in the natural tragedy of a forest fire.

Montana fire - Spectacular picture

This spectacular and frightening photograph which has become world renowned was taken by Jon McColgan with a digital camera. John who is a fire behaviour analyst from Alaska took the photo in 2000.

Chinese Forest Fire

Fire-fighters walk near flames towering from a pipeline explosion at a port in Dalian in northern China's Liaoning province.

Chinese Wedding


Picture of Forest Fire in Northern Ontario, Canada

Ontario Forest FireSeptember 2006 saw the most intense late season forest fire activity in Northern Ontario, Canada, in over 20 years.

At one point there were some 400 fires burning and over a thousand people were evacuated from their homes. Dry, hot weather all summer had left the forest like a tinderbox and recent dry thunderstorms easily ignited the available fuels. This amazing photo was taken by George Korounis from an MNR helicopter flying over the scene.

Will and Guy have read that George recorded that, 'The fire was burning so hot that my camera was warm to the touch inside the helicopter. Truly spectacular is an understatement.'

Bournemouth, Hampshire, England

Closer to home for Will and Guy was the Cliff fire in Bournemouth, Hampshire, England, just an hour away from Will's home.

Bournmouth Forest Fire

Photo of Forest Fire: Rob Ferns

In July 2010 weeks of hot weather left the shrub land bone dry and fire, thought to have been caused by a discarded cigarette, raced across the hillside and threatened
to engulf the beach huts below.

Western USAWestern Australia Forest Fire

Photo by Raymond Gehman

A wall of flames from a forest fire partially obscures the sun

A spectacular photograph and one in which you can almost touch and feel the heat emanating from the picture.


California, USA Photo: Bryan Quinn

USA Forest Fire

These spectacular images of a forest fire were taken in 2008 are from California when LA Firefighters battled to control the blazes which swept across the state.

USA Forest Fire

Photo: J.Cookfisher

The breath-taking power of a forest fire is even more evident at night, when red flames stand out against a dark background. Colours are particularly vibrant in this photograph, taken in the Inyo National Forest, California.

Forest Fire Trivia from Will and Guy

  • In an "average" fire year in the USA, 106,400 wildfires burn over 4 million acres of land.
  • The worst fire in recorded US history occurred during August 1910, when the Great Idaho fire burned 3 million acres of Idaho and Montana, and claimed 85 lives.
  • Tallest lookout tower in the USA: Woodworth Tower, Alexandria Louisiana at 175 feet.
  • Tallest lookout tower in the world: Warren Bicentennial Tree Lookout, Australia at 225 feet.
  • During 2000, five federal agencies spent a combined $1.36 billion fighting wildfires, this is a record.

Spectacular Forest Fire in Spain

Incredibly, our research has suggested that some people start these fire on purpose. One example of an arsonist with no regard for life was Vicente Sala, a 60 year old electrician and obsessive lottery player from the Balearic island of Formentera.

USA Forest Fire

In July 2010, frustrated at his continuing lack of winnings, he drove his van, stuffed full of spent lottery tickets, to thick forest land and allegedly attempted to set them all ablaze.
As he began igniting the paper slips in windy conditions, his clothing caught fire and soon he was engulfed in flames and died of smoke inhalation. But that was only part of the tragedy. Despite the valiant efforts of the local fire brigade, the inferno quickly took hold and spread rapidly through the dry and crisp terrain destroying nearly two hectares of forest.

Woodland Fire in Turkey

As the weather finally starts to heat up in the area of Simak in Turkey, hot and dry parts of the country move into their annual state of high alert over forest fires, which generally strike each summer.

Turkey Forest Fire

Pictures of a Spectacular Forest Fire in Greece 2009

Fires spread through northern suburb of Athens, the Greek capital in the hot summer of 2009. Fanned by gale force winds the fires spread as far north as the towns of Grammatiko and Varnavas, and threatened the famous town of Marathon. The fires further contributed to the deforestation of the mountains around Athens. Three of the four mountains surrounding the capital have already been stripped of their trees by fire Will and Guy have been informed.

Greece Forest Fire

Forest Fire Picture At Sunset

Incredible sunsets as a result of the inferno.

Sunset Forest Fire

Russia Forest Fire August 2010

A devastating forest fire has been raging in Russia during August 2010, in the midst of a heat wave described by experts as the worst in the thousand-year history of the country. Homes has been destroyed, wildlife and farm stock lost and more than 50 people are dead.

Russian Forest Fire

Nearly 50,000 people were battling the fires, which were raging dangerously close to Russia's main nuclear research centre in Sarov.  There have also been fears that the fires could stir up particles on land in western Russia still contaminated by the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  Meanwhile a dense blanket of smog has covered all over Moscow.

More Forest Fire Trivia from Will and Guy

  • Highest lookout site in the world: Fairview Peak, 25 miles NE of Gunnison Colorado - 13,214 feet.
  • Lowest lookout sites in the world: Pine Island Florida at 2 feet.
  • Earliest known fire lookout in the world: Mount Masada, west of the Dead Sea, in present-day Israel, approximately 2,000 years ago. It was built by King Herod's army to protect against his enemies who were burning his empire.
  • Forest fires move faster uphill than downhill! The steeper the slope, the faster the fire travels.
  • In May 2000, the "Cerro Grande" fire near Los Alamos, New Mexico burned 47,650 acres while destroying 235 structures, many of them family homes.

Causes of Forest Fires

Forest Fire Causes

Funny Forest Fire Cartoons

We do not consider forest fires to be funny; however, these two cartoons made us smile.

Starting a Forest Fire - Funny

Cartoon by Meerasapra

What's All this I Hear About You Burning Bright, in the Forest of the Night?

Starting a Forest Fire - Funny

Funny Forest Fire Picture

Funny Fire Safety Warnings

Every Little Helps? 

Funny Fire Safety Warnings


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