Flood Jokes

Floods Jokes

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Hurricane Katrina at New Orleans

Hurricane Disaster List

Will and Guy thought long and hard before publishing this flood jokes page.  We hesitated partly out of respect for Hurricane Katrina victims, and partly because the picture did not make me laugh.  As regards the hurricane disaster, I do believe that a period for grieving has passed and probably the survivors will have moments when they themselves create dark humor which helps them move on and recover from the tragedy.

Eventually, I lightened up, my face cracked when I spotted the incongruity of the 'No Parking Any Time' notice.

Flood Disaster Kit - Check ListHurricane Disaster List

Hurricane Disaster Kit - Bud Light Red Dog

Hurricane Disaster Kit - Bud Light Barrel of beer

Hurricane Disaster Kit - Bud Light Keystone Ice

Hurricane Disaster Kit - Bud Light Jack Daniels x 2

Hurricane Disaster Kit - Bud Light Sun cream lotion

Hurricane Disaster Kit - Bud Light Toilet Paper

Hurricane Disaster Kit - Bud Light Piece of plywood to float your girl and booze

From One Close Shave to Another?

Shaving in a flood

One Year Later - New Drainage Protection System

New Orleans Drainage project


Floods in England

Shark caught in flood

Watch out - It's behind you!

Floods in America?

Funny flood signs


Guy's House - How to Avoid the Next Flood

House to avoid flood

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