Don't Try this at Home
 Pictures that Frighten Will and Guy

Don't Try this at Home

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Bridge Crossing

Don't try this at home

Daring Grandmother

Daring Grandmother

To Make Matters Worse, Is It Raining?  Or Is That Snow?

Daring Grandmother in rain


Don't Try This at HomeDon't try this at home

Daring Grandmother in rain

Above, is an accident just waiting to happen.

Here is a Trick Cyclist

Funny bike picture, before after

What's intriguing is what happened just before, and what occurred just after this photo was taken.

........ I've Changed My Mind

Funny bike picture, before after

This picture reminds Will and Guy of a book they once read about climbing called: 'How to Abseil' by Cliff Topp and Eileen Dover.


Christ of Corcovado Statue -  Rio de Janeiro

Christ of Corcovado statue -  Rio de Janeiro

Looks like a 'real' man rather than a fake picture.  Maybe a Greenpeace warrior as they held a protest at the Rio de Janeiro statue.

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