Beautiful Pictures of China

Beautiful Pictures of China (Free Download of PPT)

When Will first showed me this PowerPoint presentation I thought, 'These are beautiful pictures, but I will have to remove some of the images to make the file small enough for our website'.  However, when I tried to find slides to remove they were all so peacefully evocative that I decided to leave all nineteen in the presentation, and never mind the file size.


Beautiful Pictures of China - Hills and Valleys, Sun and Cloud

Beautiful China PowerPoint Presentation

Beautiful irrigation.  Marvellous engineering.  Fabulous photography


Sunbeams over a Chinese landscape

PowerPoint Presentation of Chinese fields


Spectacular Chinese Bridge at Night

China Bridges

See more China bridges.

The Story of Nin

Once upon a time, there lived a monster called Nin, high up above the clouds. There he was kept under the careful watch by Heaven's Guards.

Once a year, Nin would sneak down to Earth hunting for food, but instead of merely hunting livestock, he would also prey on people. The villagers were very frightened and had to find a way of protecting themselves from being eaten.

One day, the villagers thought of a new plan. They collected bamboo sticks and placed gun powder in them. When Nin came down, they quickly set the stuffed bamboo sticks alight. Once alight, the sticks crackled very loudly and Nin was so afraid of the loud noise that he ran away and never came back to prey on the villagers again.

This is how the custom of setting firecrackers to celebrate Chinese New Year came about and symbolises the celebration of a year of safe life.

Incidentally, 2014 is the Chinese Year of the horse.

Language Problems in China

For those of you travelling to China, be warned of the problems English speakers may encounter with language, as these signs suggest:

Check in Alcoholics


Check in Alcoholics

We have heard of rehab centers for alcoholics such as alcoholrehab-center.org, but never before an airport check-in for alcoholics.

Offer Your Seat to: Sick, Crippie and Gravid

Sick and Crippie

We hope you will recognise the people who are 'Crippie' and 'Gravid', then you can give up your seat to them.

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