Amazing Can Sculpture

Amazing Can Sculpture

Will and Guy are building a collection of can sculpture or 'Canstruction'.

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Can Sculpture - Canstruction

It had never occurred to me that cans, sculpture and art, could all appear meaningfully in the same sentence, but here is the proof.

Giant Cobra - Made out of Cans

Cobra can sculpture

Superman - Made of Tins

Superman can sculpture

When Will and Guy researched Can Sculpture we unearthed a whole industry of competitions and good causes publicising food donating charities. The can art concept looks like a winner, so watch out for a competition near you.

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Can Chair?  Will and Guy Would Never Have GuessedCan Chair

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen has created a contemporary armchair entirely from recycled drinks cans. The interior designer was commissioned by Can Couture to make the Can Can Chair using nothing but cans he and his family collected from around the house.

Laurence announced, 'I really enjoy working with new material so the idea of using recycled drinks cans to produce an elegant, yet flamboyant chair was a huge challenge for me. Recycling is hugely important in this day and age and drinks cans are one of the most environmentally friendly types of packaging as each one is 100% recyclable. They can also be recycled infinitely so technically I could produce an entirely new piece of furniture for next season by melting down this chair!'

His chair will be displayed at City Hall in London and is set to embark on a European tour portraying how design and looking after the environment can go hand in hand. The Can Can Chair will return to the UK in the autumn when it will be auctioned off for charity.


Can Trousers - We Bet He Carries a Six-pack!

The Gate of the Orient in SuzhouChina Building

Can Trousers - we bet he carries a six-pack?

Can Sculpture (Above Left)

This can sculpture of a five-metre pair of pants has been built outside a shopping centre in China.  Minghui Plaza in Xiamen city is offering shoppers the chance to guess how many cans were used to build the display.  As a prize, the winner will receive 365 cans of coke, reports South-eastern Express.  They deserve their prize because it took over 3,000 cans to build the statue 'Canstruction'.

Real Building! (Above Right)

The Gate of the Orient in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, China - a new 300m tall dual skyscraper that is joined at the top. Will and Guy find it amusing that critics have ridiculed it because it looks like a pair of long underpants.


Egg Sculpture of Bethlehem

Egg sculpture of Bethlehem

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