Lightning Strikes Ground

Pictures of Lightning Striking the Ground

Here are cases where the photographer was in the right place at the right time to capture lighting striking the ground.

Pictures of Lightning Striking the Ground

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Lightning Bolts Strikes Earth

Thick Lightning Bolts

"Monumental Chaos" - three massive lightning bolts hit the earth within 15 seconds at the Voortrekker Monument just outside Pretoria, South Africa.

 Lightning Strikes Ground AgainLightning Bolt Tower

Lightning Strikes Ground Again

Lightning picture sent in by John Reeves.

Lightning Strike Facts Lightning Bolt Hits Building

  1. The chances of being struck by lightning are about one in three million according to the Meteorological Office, UK, higher than your chances of winning the jackpot in the Lotto, which is one in 14 million!
  2. Only 15% of people killed by lightning are female.

Lucky Strike?

Martha Maiko married Randolph Eastman; incidentally they met when he was sheltering from a storm.

Later Maiko remarried, this time to a Frenchman named Charles Mort. During their trip to Spain her second husband also was struck by lightning. The widow returned to Sofia and started therapy to recover from depression.

Time passed and she married the doctor from whom she was receiving the treatment. They were married in Berlin, but during a trip to France a lightning bolt hit the car they were driving. The third husband was killed on the spot.

Spectacular Cloud to Ground Lightning Strike

Lightning Bolt Spectacular


Newspaper Headline from the Newport Argus

Man Struck By Lightning Bolt: Faces Battery Charge
[He probably IS the battery charge!]

If a band plays music in a thunderstorm, who is most likely to get hit by lightning? 
The conductor.


Lightning Bolt Hits Tree

Lightning hits tree

Picture of lightning bolt show how trees can be destroyed by lightning.

Lightning Bolts and TreesLightning Strikes Tree Advice

Detailed and recent research on lightning deaths has led us to want publicise the results: which trees [if at all] you might stand under in the event of a thunderstorm?

  1. It is extremely dangerous to stand under any tree during a thunderstorm.
  2. It is even more dangerous to stand under an oak than any other kind of tree.
  3. The next most risky trees to stand under are poplars and Scots pines.
  4. If you are determined be a complete maniac and stand under a tree during a lightning strike, but don't actually want to die, head for a beech. They are ten times less likely to be hit than oaks.
  5. According to the very few studies done, you are also much less likely to be hit by lightning under a sycamore, hawthorn or holly tree.

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