Funny Pictures of the Sun

Funny Pictures of the Sun

Will and Guy's unusual collection of funny pictures of the sun, moon and other spheres.

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Gob Smacked?

sun in mouth 

Someone is Always Pointing the Finger 

Pointing the finger 

Ouch, I can feel that finger.  Is this clever photography or a trick photo?


Catch Some Sun

Catch the sun!

Catch the sun!

Strike a Light?

Catch the sun light!

Crane ball

Crane Ball 

This is a beautiful sunset.  Shame about the crane in the picture; but wait, I see the sun right under the hoist.  I think - what patient and clever photography.

Putting Your Hand on the Moon

Moon Hand


Clever Picture - 'The Chalice

Clever picture - chalice


For some strange reason the above picture reminds me of Diego Maradona's hand of god.

Hand of god - Maradonna

Talking of Clever Sports Photography

Nadal clever photography


We think that this is photo is of Nadal serving.  Can you see the tiny tennis ball inside the much larger logo?

Then there is Lenin

Lenin Scores a basket

Please send us your examples of clever photography

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